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Seizures are common in advanced stages of immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. HIV-infected outpatients and inpatients in the national hospital in Bobo-Dioulasso among whom seizures occurred had been recruited over four years. There were mainly male (30/13) with an average age of 35 years with extremes ranging from 22 to 60 years. New-onset generalised(More)
Cryptococcus neoformans is an important fungal pathogen in immunocompromised patients. A retrospective study was conducted to investigate the occurrence of Cryptococcus neoformans infection in patients admitted to Bobo-Dioulasso Hospital over a 3 year-period. During this period, cryptococcal meningo-encephalitis was diagnosed in 36 individuals. The median(More)
Peripheral neuropathies (PN) represent the most common neurological manifestation in patients with HIV infection. Introduction of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) had a significant impact on the epidemiology of HIV-associated neuropathies even in poor-resources countries. HIV-infected patients were followed up over a 2-years period from January(More)
Malnutrition is an important indicator of development, and its consequences in children and adolescents produce a serious socioeconomic burden. Children living on the street are more vulnerable than others. Thus, our objective was to analyze the nutritional status of children living on the streets of Manga, through a cross-sectional and analytical study.(More)
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