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Application of electrical stimulation in the sheep and beef processing industry has been erratic around the world and this may reflect an incomplete knowledge of how to optimise the technology. Although it is well established that stimulation increases the rate of post-mortem glycolysis, other biochemical and biophysical effects have been implicated with(More)
This study was conducted to assess postmortem proteolysis using a proteomics approach, and to determine the relationship of proteolysis to WB-shear force, drip loss, and hunter L(∗) value during chiller ageing in pig longissimus muscle. To generate various meat qualities, 20 male landraces were assigned into 2×2 factorial (10 pigs fasted for 18 h and 10(More)
Interactions between muscle shortening and proteolysis and their effects on Warner-Bratzler (WB) shear force were investigated in beef m. longissimus (LD) and m. semitendinosus (ST). Muscles were taken within 30 post-mortem from eight Hanwoo steers, divided into three portions, and incubated at 5, 15, or 36 °C for 24 h, during which time rigor mortis(More)
The current study was conducted to characterize objective meat quality, fiber type and their relations to postmortem proteolysis in longissimus muscle of Landrace and Korean native black (KNP) pigs. Longissimus muscles from each 10 market-weighted male pigs were removed after conventional slaughtering and chilling procedures, and aged for 1 or 7 days at 4°C(More)
Ciglitizone, a class of thiazolidinediones, acts as a potent activator of the adipose differentiation program in established preadipose cell lines. Thiazolidinediones have also been investigated in diabetic patients and have been reported to act as peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma ligands. Intramuscular adipogenesis or marbling through(More)
In this study, we characterized the effects of 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 (25-OH D3) and manipulated dietary cation-anion difference (DCAD) on the performance, urine pH, serum constituents, carcass traits, tissue residual vitamin D and its metabolites, beef tenderness, and mRNA and protein concentrations of Ca-dependent proteinases in LM using 24 cull native(More)
Cerebellar degeneration-related protein 2 (cdr2) is expressed in the central nervous system, and its ectopic expression in tumor cells of patients with gynecological malignancies elicits immune responses by cdr2-specific autoantibodies and T lymphocytes, leading to neurological symptoms. However, little is known about the regulation and function of cdr2 in(More)
This study developed a new equation to predict the carcass yield of Hanwoo cattle, as well as re-evaluating a previous prediction equation. Experimental animals comprised 79 cows, 79 steers, and 79 bulls. A stepwise model selection was performed to determine the most practical carcass traits for predicting the yield. Cold carcass weight (CW), backfat(More)
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