I. Wayan S. Wicaksana

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Information exchange among many sources in Internet is more autonomous, dynamic and free. The situation drive difference view of concepts among sources. For example, word 'bank' has meaning as economic institution for economy domain, but for ecology domain it will be defined as slope of river or lake. In this aper, we will evaluate latent semantic and(More)
Internet and software technology deliver significant result in number of information sources. Currently huge number and type of information are available in the net. Type of information can be in structured, semi structured and unstructured information. Format of information are from data to multimedia. Many sources information are available with high(More)
This paper focuses on P2P based data management and semantic mediation. We propose an approach based on a P2P for semantic interoperability of information sources that aims to combine the advantages of semantic mediation and peer-to-peer systems. It is based on a pure P2P with super peer architecture consisting of two types of peers. The super peer contains(More)
This paper is concern about developing a semantic agreement maintenance method based on semantic distance by calculating the change of local schema or ontology. This approach is important in dynamic and autonomous environment, in which the current approach assumed that agreement or mapping in static environment. The contribution of this research is to(More)
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