I W Reimann

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Opipramol, a drug widely prescribed in Germany, is a tricyclic compound with no reuptake-inhibiting properties. However, it has pronounced D2-, 5-HT2-, and H1-blocking potential and high affinity to sigma receptors (sigma-1 and sigma-2). In early controlled trials, anxiolytic effects were revealed. However, those studies were performed before the concept of(More)
The comparison of two different modes of data processing and two different approaches to statistical testing both applied to the same set of EEG recordings was the main objective of this pharmacological study. Brofaromine (CGP 11,305 A), a new selective and reversible monoamine oxidase type A inhibitor was used as an example for investigating a potentially(More)
Performance in psychometric tests may show a practice effect with repeated testing. Ideally, a plateau of efficiency should be reached prior to first drug intake. In order to assess the period of familiarization in a multiple choice reaction task (MCRT) 17 healthy subjects practiced the test up to 36 times in the drug free run-in period of 2 trials. A(More)
The pharmacokinetic drug interactions between lithium sulfate and the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) indomethacin and aspirin were studied in ten normal female volunteers restricted to 150-mEq/day of sodium. Indomethacin decreased renal lithium ion elimination by 23% and caused a 40% increase in steady state plasma lithium ion levels. In(More)
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