I. W. Gallen

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Dietary potassium restriction increases sodium and chloride retention, whereas potassium administration promotes both diuresis and natriuresis. In epidemiologic and clinical studies, potassium intake is inversely related to blood pressure and is lower in blacks than in whites. The present studies examined the mechanism by which potassium restriction fosters(More)
We obtained information from the database of the Chiltern Diabetes Centre, which records the details of around 2000 diabetic patients attending hospital clinics in South Buckinghamshire. Patients’ details are recorded on the computer system at each clinic visit. For our audit, we extracted details from the database by setting up structured queries in the(More)
1. The thermogenic and cardiovascular responses to glucose ingestion or infusion are altered by undernutrition. These changes may be due, in part, to alterations in the blood glucose concentration. This study investigates the effect of variation in the blood glucose concentration on the thermogenic and cardiovascular responses to a hyperinsulinaemic glucose(More)
The present study was designed to investigate whether 3 d of high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet (with normal daily energy intake) affected the metabolic, cardiovascular and thermic responses to an oral glucose load (1.5 g/kg body-weight). Eight normal weight, healthy subjects (five male) consumed diets containing approximately 65% by energy of carbohydrate (C)(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the workload and work patterns of junior doctors of all grades while on call. DESIGN Pilot study of activity data self recorded by junior doctors, with the help of students during busy periods. SETTING A general surgical firm and a general medical firm based at University Hospital, Nottingham. SUBJECTS Four registrars, three(More)
Two methods of hand heating [warmed blanket 40 degrees C (WB) and warm-air box 55 degrees C (WA)] were compared with the effect of no heating (control) in six healthy females. After 30 min baseline, the left hand was either heated for 1 h or not heated. Measurements were made of skin temperature (ST), core temperature (CT), right forearm (FBF) and skin(More)
OBJECTIVE The relation between the clinical manifestations of thyroid disease (both hypo and hyper-thyroidism) and tissue sensitivity to catecholamines remains uncertain. It has been suggested that tissue adrenergic responsiveness is decreased in hypothyroidism, but the reports have been conflicting and have invariably focused on a single physiological(More)
The thermogenic, cardiovascular and metabolic responses to a 30 kJ/kg body-weight test meal were studied in eight normal-weight, healthy female subjects after a 6 or 48 h fast. There was no significant change in metabolic rate following the 48 h fast, but plasma glucose, insulin, noradrenaline and respiratory exchange ratio were all reduced, and plasma(More)