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The levels of cathepsins (Cats) B, H, and L and their inhibitors stefin A and cystatin C were determined in the sera of 43 patients with metastatic melanoma, in 54 patients with treated cutaneous melanoma with no evidence of metastatic disease, and in 30 healthy blood donors, using quantitative ELISAs. The levels of Cats B and H and cystatin C were(More)
Cysteine proteinases cathepsins (Cats) B and L and their endogenous inhibitors stefins (Stefs) A and B are implicated in the processes of local and metastatic tumor spread. They were identified as potential prognosticators in various malignant diseases, particularly in breast cancer. The aim of the present study was to determine the concentrations of Cats B(More)
Gliomas are the most common form of intrinsic primary brain tumors, that extensively invade the surrounding normal brain tissue. The failure of chemotherapy treatment of these tumors is chiefly attributed to drug-resistance. From human glioblastoma we developed two cell sublines resistant to cisplatin due to acute (AT cells) or continuous (CT cells)(More)
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