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It is well known that both the hypothesis of the trophic cascade and its practical implementation (the top–down biomanipulation) are based on the interactions in the direct pelagic chain: “... planktivorous fish → large daphnias → phytoplankton” [1]. The goal of biomanipulation is to improve the quality of water by decreasing the blooming phytoplankton(More)
As a result of integrated studies carried out at the end of August–September 2008–2010, the icthyofauna and food reserve for fish in Oiskoe lake (Ergaky range) were investigated. The trophic status of the lake was estimated based on the biomass of phyto- and zooplankton and zoobenthos. The potential icthyomass, fish production and possible fishing amount(More)
A fall in the glutathione peroxidase, glutathione reductase activity and selenium concentration was recorded in the liver of rats given diets poor in protein. The hepatic antioxidizing activity was lowered, lipid peroxidation (LPO) was intensified which was expressed in the growth of the amount of conjugated dienes, diene ketones and malonic dialdehydes.(More)
The dynamics of metal content in higher aquatic plants (macrophytes) in a small Bugach water reservoir in 1998–2006 was studied. A comparative estimation of the metal content in six macrophyte species (Typha latifolia L., Typha angustifolia L., Polygonium amphibium L., Potamogeton perfoliatus L., Potamogeton pectinatus L., Phragmites australis (Cav) Trin.(More)
The article presents the results of examination and surgery of 185 patients with degenerative diseases as well as with a cervical spine trauma. The circulatory disturbance of the vertebral artery took place in all patients. A different degree of changes was observed in color duplex scanning. There were minor circulatory disturbances, course deformations(More)
Two cases of this syndrome occurring in children aged 1.5 and 3 years are reported. In one case, no other abnormalities were present, and the deformity did not manifest itself clinically before the child had fallen from a height. In the other, a cyst of the fourth ventricle coexisted with other abnormalities in the brain which were responsible for(More)
The paper analyzes the examination and treatment of 77 patients with myelomeningoceles. It is shown that the prognosis of treatment depends on the size and content of the hernial sac, the specific features of deformities of the liquor-containing system and the severity of liquor circulatory disorders. Both specific features of myelodysplasia manifestations(More)
A retrospective analysis of diagnostics and surgical treatment was made in 440 patients with polytrauma, who were on the treatment in hospitals in Saint-Petersburg, Syktyvkar and Omsk during 2009-2012. The neurotrauma was the dominating damage. The patients were divided into two groups: the main and the control group, using the equal quantitative ratio(More)
This paper presents the information on the history of appearance, modern composition, and distribution of fish species that have been introduced by man or have settled independently in the water bodies of the Krasnoyarsk Territory since the early 20th century. It is shown that the fish fauna composition has expanded mainly in the basin of the upper and(More)
A retrospective analysis of diagnostics and surgery in 240 patients was made. The vertebral spinal trauma took place in 168 patients (average age 31 +/- 5 years), degenerative dystrophic diseases of spine were in 72 patients (average age 52 +/- 7 years). The clinicodiagnostic complex included survey and functional radiography of the spine, magnetic(More)