I. V. Shervashidze

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The new flavonoid glycoside datiscanin has been isolated from the herbage ofDatisca cannabina L., and the structure of 2′,3,5,7-tetrahydroxyflavone 3-0-β-D-glucopyranoside has been established for it. After datiscin (datiscetin 3-rutinoside), this is the second datiscetin glycoside found in nature.
With lower ketones (acetone, methyl ethyl ketone) in weakly acidic solution, flavonoid rhamnosides and rutinosides form alkylidene derivatives at the cisdiol grouping of the rhamnose residue. It has been found that the formation of alkylidene derivatives of flavonoid glycosides is a side reaction that takes place during the chromatographic process on an(More)
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