I. V. Osechinskii

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The results of experiments carried out to test some of the consequences of the earlier general theory of oncogenesis, according to which the malignant tumor cell can arise as a result of somatic hybridization of cells of different organ- and tissue-specificity, are described. In the first series a tumor induced by cellophane film, was grafted into syngeneic(More)
The 2 months old C57BL/6J mice were injected with the mixtures of kidney and spleen cells from mice of the same strain or of the same cells following the hybridization induced by Sendai virus. The tumours of liver, kidney and lymphoid system appeared in 25% of recipients within 12--14 months. The result obtained is predicted by the general theory of(More)
Individual biological dosimetry covering chromosomal analysis and electronic paramagnetic resonance spectrometry has been performed in 1300 subjects exposed to ionizing radiation after the Chernobyl accident. Cumulative radiation doses above 40 ImC were registered in 5%, about 100 ImC in 1% of the examinees. In 1% of cytogenetic investigations there(More)