I. V. Obydennova

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The inhibitory activity of ovomucoid from duck egg white, immobilized on chitosan with the use of glutaraldehyde or carbodiimide as cross-linking agents, was studied. Glutaraldehyde proved to be a more preferable cross-linking agent than carbodiimide. When chitosan is used as a protein carrier, the possibility of shifting the pH optimum of these compounds(More)
The modification of duck ovomucoid, a proteinaceous proteinase inhibitor from egg white, by poly-N,N-diethylacrylamide possessing a low critical solution temperature (LCST) has been investigated. The free amino groups of the lysine residues and the N-terminal residue of the ovomucoid molecule were modified; as a result, the inhibitor activity towards(More)
The thromboresistance of glucose-sensitive polymer hydrogels, modeling one of the functions of the pancreas, namely, the ability to secrete insulin in response to the introduction of glucose into the environment, has been studied. Hydrogels were synthesized by the copolymerization of hydroxyethyl methacrylate with N-acryloyl glucosamine in the presence of a(More)
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