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The relationship between the process of ethanol preference formation in rat pups periodically separated from mothers during the first half of the nest period and the intensity of maternal behavior of females was studied. The progeny of females with poor maternal behavior and/or separated from mothers is characterized by slow somatic development and high(More)
Comparative analysis of the dynamics of somatic and sensorimotor development was performed in Wistar rat pups subjected to short (30 min) and long (180 min) daily maternal separations in the first 10 days after birth. Somatic and sensorimotor development in the pre-weaning period in rat pups subjected to the long maternal separations was shown to be(More)
Irradiation of a mouse thymocyte fraction enriched by T-lymphocyte precursors changes the antigenic phenotype of cells toward the increase of their highly differentiated forms. Similar changes in membrane marker antigens are produced by chemical inductors of differentiation and thymotropin. The changes in the cell phenotype induced by the above agents are(More)
Purpose of the work is to select the indices of immunograms, associated with immunosenescence. The lymphocyte subpopulations were defined by the method of polychrome flowing cytometry in 276 patients of 90+ year with the identical spectrum of chronic unspecific inflammatory diseases. The cluster was revealed consisting of subpopulation of T-lymphocytes(More)
Human intrathymic precursors are characterized by mitogenic reaction on thymic hormone, lacking the cortical and medullar thymic membrane markers (CD3, CD4 and/or CD8) and expressing of the common T-cell CD7 and CD5 antigens. Fraction 1.062 g/cm3 of peripheral white blood cells contains cells with analogous characteristics. The cell fraction of blood from(More)
Protective antigenic complexes capable of protecting mice from septic Klebsiella infection can be obtained from Klebsiella pneumoniae. The preparations obtained by the method of aqueous extraction and by the action of hydroxyl amine and autolysis have been found to possess approximately the same protective activity and to protect mice from infection with(More)