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Rat liver was examined by transmission electron microscopy after a single intravenous injection of nanosized magnetite suspension (0.1 g (Fe3O4)/kg body weight). Magnetite particles were found in Kupffer’s cells and hepatocytes. Accumulation of the particles by these two cell types was different. Morphometry of magnetite-containing granules in Kupffer’s(More)
We studied the effects of single administration of a suspension of magnetomicelles based on carbon-coated iron nanoparticles on the structure of rat lungs within 40 days. Histological analysis revealed a complex of hemodynamic alterations in the lungs. Described changes persisted in the lung stroma from day 1 until day 40, but their intensity decreased by(More)
Data on volume of the intracellular compartment where the internalized toxin is located and toxin concentration in this compartment have been obtained. Suggestions have been made about a role of toxin molecule aggregates in the translocation of A-chain into cytosol, which leads to cell death.
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