I V Maliukova

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  • I V Maliukova
  • Zhurnal vyssheĭ nervnoĭ deiatelnosti imeni I P…
  • 1992
The comparative study of cognitive activity of primates was carried out during individual and group training. In macaques, capuchins, and chimpanzees was studied the function of abstraction during the recognition of complex visual images and the transition from 2-dimensional plane images to 3-dimensional volume objects. Common features and distinctions were(More)
Studies on various vertebrates revealed certain regularities in the development of some functions of the forebrain (neocortex, neostriatum, cortical associative fields). Evolution of functions of the forebrain and the extent of its participation in organization of complex behavioural forms coincides with certain stages in the development of the integrative(More)
In elasmobranch (Scyllium canicula, Galleus canis) and teleost (Migull capitocum) fishes it is possible to form motor food-searching conditioned reflexes to discrimination of light and darkness. Some differences were revealed in ecological and conditioned motor behavioural activities in higher and lower sharks. Elasmobranch and teleost fishes exhibit(More)