I V Kolykhanov

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Authors have studied the psychopathological structure, risk factors and predictors of mental confusion in 102 patients with dementia of different etiologies (Alzheimer's disease (AD), cerebrovascular dementia (CVD) and mixed Alzheimer disease/vascular dementia). The high frequency (>40%) of mental confusion in patients with dementia admitted to geriatric(More)
Twenty-five patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD) in moderate-severe and severe stages received galantamine in dosage 8 mg daily during the 1st month with the following increasing to 16 mg daily. Six patients received 24 mg per day from the 3rd month. The total duration of therapy was 26 weeks. 15 patients received in addition the antipsychotic therapy.(More)
Brain computed tomographic scans of 43 patients with Alzheimer's disease (moderate and severe dementia) were compared to those of age-matched normal subjects (30 controls). Computed tomographic analysis included some linear and volume ventricular measurements. These indices correlated with relevant psychopathological and psychometric findings. Linear(More)
Quantitative EEG was used to reveal the specific features of its amplitude-frequency parameters and topography in patients with mild dementia of different genesis versus healthy elderly individuals. All four study groups of patients differ in EEC relative spectral density, they also differ from the healthy persons while alpharhythm was suppressed in(More)
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