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In order to reveal the participation of extrapineal melatonin in ageing processes, Wistar rats were (a) exposed to small doses of gamma irradiation and (b) subjected to pinealectomy. It was showed that during a radiation-induced aging simulation occurs a manifest hypoplasia of MT-responder cells in the mucosa of the duodenum, and the number of mast cells is(More)
This article is a continuation of the review on the issue of the interaction between the endothelium and numerous biologically active substances, secreted by endotheliocytes and their environment--the so called signal molecules--in the most prevalent cardiovascular pathology in the elderly. For example tumor necrosis factor plays a pathogenetic role as an(More)
A synthetic dipeptide vilon (Lys-Glu, 20 ng/ml) was added to a cultural medium of explants taken from rats of 3 days, 3 weeks and 2 years of age. The peptide induced morphologic stability of the tissue and activated the regeneration and functional activity of cells. The stronger effect on the explants taken from the old rats suggests that vilon is a(More)
We used the drug avelox, a new fluoroquinolone of the fourth generation, in therapy of urogenital infections (caused by chlamydia, mycoplasma, ureaplasma) in men. The test group consisted of 45 men with urethritis, urethroprostatitis given avelox in a single dose of 400 mg/day for 10 days. 18 control patients with urethritis took ofloxacin in a dose of 200(More)
Efficacy of impasse in therapy of sexual dysfunctions of vascular genesis was studied in 38 male patients aged 35-68 years. The drug was taken for 2 months. The control was conducted with ultrasonic dopplerography. Impasse showed high efficacy in therapy of vascular sexual dysfunctions especially in the group of patients aged 35-50 years with initial values(More)
The positive clinical effects of using of clopheline in postoperative period in elderly patent with arterial hypertension are presented in this article. Clopheline has the good hypotensive effects. This drug may be recommended for treatment the hypertensive postoperative reaction.