I. V. Khomicheva

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The task of automatic extraction of the hierarchical structure of eukaryotic gene regulatory regions is in the junction of the fields of biology, mathematics and information technologies. A solution of the problem involves understanding of sophisticated mechanisms of eukaryotic gene regulation and applying advanced data mining technologies. In the paper the(More)
A principally new approach to the classifications of nucleotide sequences based on the “natural” classification concept is proposed. As a result of “natural” classification of the nucleotide sequences, we obtain regularity matrices, where nucleotides are interconnected by regularities. Method, algorithm and software system DNANatClass for performing the(More)
Control of gene expression at the level of transcription is achieved by nuclear factors that bind to regulatory elements, short DNA sequence motifs, called transcription factor binding sites. The development of reliable methods for binding site recognition is an important step in large-scale genome analysis. The Data Mining approaches adapted to(More)
We developed Relational Data Mining approach which allows to overcome essential limitations of the Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery techniques. In the paper the approach was implemented to adapt the original 'Discovery' system to the computational biology needs. The objects under consideration, eukaryotic transcription regulatory regions, are(More)
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