I. V. Khazanova

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A study was made of the content of rosette-forming cells to DNP-ovalbumin in the spleen of mice of different inbred strains. The values of the rosette-forming cells and of the titre of serum agglutinins to the DNP-group in DNP--bovine gamma-globulin immunization of mice of these strains were determined. It was shown that there were interstrain differences(More)
Mouse spleen lymphocytes proliferating under the influence of SRBC, or educated thymocytes were labelled in vivo or in vitro with 3H-thymidine and transferred intravenously to syngeneic recipients, which had received a subcutaneous injection of the same, or a non-cross-reacting, antigen (SRBC, rat or chicken RBC, DNP-proteins) into the right front footpads.(More)
Antigen-binding cell clones and Ig-positive cells were found and quantitatively assessed in primary hematopoietic splenic colonies. The results were analyzed on the basis of the hypothesis, the validity of which is discussed, that the ratio of clone volumes of specialized B-cells should reflect the quantitative ratio between the corresponding V-genes in a(More)
The affinity of the lymphocyte receptors for DNP-determinants was studied by free hapten inhibition of rosette-forming cells. The avidity of the antigen-binding lymphoid cells was found to increase with the advance of time after the immunization. The results suggest that an increase in the cellular avidity during the immune response depended on both the(More)
Changes in affinity of antigen-binding receptors of lymphocytes for dinitrophenol (DNP) were studied during the primary immune response in CBA mice. The process was evaluated by the method of inhibition of rosette formation with DNP-ovalbumin-sheep's red cells complex by hapten (DNP-ε-lysine). An increase in affinity of immunoglobulin receptors on the(More)
The antigen-binding cell clones and the Ig-positive cells were found and quantitatively assessed in the primary hemopoietic splenic colonies. The data ogtained were analyzed assuming that the ratio of clone of specialized B-cells should reflect the quantitative ration in the corresponding V-genes in the given lymphocyte populations at definite stages of its(More)
A method of separating rosette-forming cells on columns with an immunosorbent based on Sephadex G-25 and G-75 is described and has been tested. The protein antigen (bovine serum albumin — BSA) is attached by covalent bonds to the surface of the Sephadex granules oxidized by sodium periodate. Cells with receptors on their surface were tested by the rosette(More)
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