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[Effect of physical training on lipid metabolism and the rheologic properties of the blood of patients with ischemic heart disease].
A therapeutic rationed exercise course (30 daily sessions of bicycle ergometry) was carried out in 30 male coronary patients and 11 normal subjects. Central hemodynamic parameters, lipid metabolismExpand
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[Vasopressin content of the blood in ischemic heart disease patients and its interrelation with other hormones].
Blood vasopressin, tri-iodothyronine, total thyroxine, thyrotrophic hormone, cortisol, ACTH and insulin levels were measured in 60 chronic coronary patients aged 35 to 70. Coronary patients showedExpand
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[Changes in the content of fibrinogen and its high-molecular derivatives as affected by the physical training of ischemic heart disease patients].
Two groups of male patients with CHD were examined. The first group (30 persons) was treated with a 30-day therapeutic course of physical training on a bicycle ergometer, the second group receivedExpand
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[Changes in the levels of various classes of cholesterol lipoproteins in patients with ischemic heart disease during physical training].
Forty-six male coronary patients and 10 normal subjects underwent a course of rationed exercise (30 daily bicycle ergometric sessions). Total cholesterol (CS), triglycerides and CS of lipoproteins,Expand
[Effect of physical training on the clinical course and the status of blood coagulation hemostasis in patients with ischemic heart disease].
The effect of intensive rationed exercise on coagulation hemostasis was assessed in 92 males, including 10 normal subjects and 82 coronary patients. Twenty male coronary patients, treated withExpand
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[Effect of probucol on lipid metabolism and the clinical course of ischemic heart disease and arteriosclerosis obliterans of the vessels of the lower extremities].
Thirty-eight men with chronic coronary heart disease (CHD) aged 38 to 65 years (ten patients with attendant obliterating atherosclerosis of lower extremity vessels) were treated with theExpand
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[Rheological properties of the blood in hypertension patients].
Blood rheologic properties, and serum and erythrocyte membrane lipids were studied in 65 patients with essential hypertension, stage II-III, and 20 normal subjects. Essential hypertension was shownExpand