I V Anicin

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Measurements of radon concentration in the underground low-level laboratory in Belgrade, Serbia with a discrete sampling (T=2 h) have been performed. From July 2008 to July 2010, the time-series analysis was carried out. Also, the simultaneous measurements of meteorological parameters (temperature, atmospheric pressure and relative humidity) in the(More)
A simulation programme based on the Geant4 toolkit has been developed to simulate the coincident responses of a plastic scintillator and an HPGe detector to the cosmic-ray muons. The detectors are situated in a low-level underground laboratory (25 m.w.e). Primary positions, momentum directions and energies of the muons are sampled from the angular and(More)
We suggest that radioactive food contamination, as determined solely by a quantitative gamma-ray spectroscopic measurement, may, apart from the total activity per unit mass, be for quick reference conveniently characterized by another single figure which we call the "Gamma Contamination Food Factor" (GCFF). This factor may be defined as the ratio of the(More)
Digital ratemeter that operates according to a self-adjusting algorithm, which at low rates automatically switches from a preset count to the preset time method, is proposed. It combines the good properties of both methods concerning the accuracy of the measured average counting rate and the response time to sudden changes of rate.
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