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Atriplex prostrata Boucher, a facultative halophyte, exhibits significant reduction in height and biomass and in the width of the cortex and vascular tissue under saline conditions. Therefore, the goal of this investigation was to determine the effect of salinity on plant growth as well as on the patterns of lignification, peroxidase activity, and extensin(More)
Recovery of seed germination from NaCl salinity of desert shrubs (Haloxylon recurvum and Suaeda fruticosa, and the herbs Zygophyllum simplex and Triglochin maritima was studied under various thermoperiods. The percentage of ungerminated seeds that recovered when they were transferred to distilled water varied significantly with variation in species and(More)
A report is given of the anti-cancer activity of the chest department of the XIV. District of Budapest. From 1962 to 1977 932 cancer cases were admitted; 315 of whom could be operated, the rate of resection being 33.8%. Among persons under the age of 70 this figure has been 43.7%. No selection being practised on admission this material deserves special(More)
Sensitivity and specificity of detection of mitral regurgitation was assessed by range-gated Doppler echocardiography. The degree of mitral regurgitation was also estimated by the depth and width of the regurgitant jet detected with Doppler and compared with that assessed by left ventriculography. Of 47 patients with an adequate Doppler study, 24 had no(More)
The authors describe a case originally assumed to be pneumonia. As a consequence of unsuccessful antibiotic treatment surgical intervention took place. Then histological examination revealed pulmonary lymphogranulomatosis. The authors draw the attention to the responsibility of the GP-s and hospital doctors to include pulmonary lymphogranulomatosis in the(More)