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BACKGROUND NGR-hTNF exploits the peptide asparagine-glycine-arginine (NGR) for selectively targeting tumour necrosis factor (TNF) to CD13-overexpressing tumour vessels. Maximum-tolerated dose (MTD) of NGR-hTNF was previously established at 45 μg m(-2) as 1-h infusion, with dose-limiting toxicity being grade 3 infusion-related reactions. We explored further(More)
A total of 10 desmoplastic small round-cell tumour patients were treated by high-dose chemotherapy with stem cell support. After high-dose chemotherapy, no complete response conversion was obtained and EWS-WT1 fusion transcript detection was positive in the peripheral blood during follow-up in all patients. High-dose chemotherapy did not seem to change the(More)
bodies: prevalence, clinical significance and correlation to cytokine levels in acute myeloid leukemia and non Hodgkin's lymphoma.gressive thrombosis after treatment of diffuse large cell non Hodgkin's lymphoma and concomitant lupus anti-coagulant. Sir, Clinical investigators have recently developed an innovative technique of leukapheresis (LK) for blood(More)
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