I Szentistvanyi

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The ionic regulating of lithium homeostasis and steady-state intra:extracellular lithium distribution in the brain can be approached by experimental methods using intact nerve cells in vitro. Primary cultures prepared from chick embryonic brain were applied to study the effect of extracellular sodium and potassium on the lithium uptake of nerve cells at(More)
Preferential swelling and vacuolation of dendrites were observed electron microscopically in different brain regions of rats treated with LiCl in a dose of 6-18 mmol/kg for 1-6 days. The most severe fine structural changes were revealed in the hippocampus. Low-dose (0.33 mmol/kg) lithium treatment lasting for a year did not cause any morphologically(More)
Steady state red blood cell/plasma lithium concentration ratios were determined simultaneously with the in vitro sodium-dependent downhill lithium efflux from red cells during maintenance lithium treatment in 22 bipolar depressed patients, 17 unipolar depressed patients, and 28 psychiatric control patients. The values of the sodium-dependent lithium efflux(More)
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