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Metaplastic carcinomas of the breast are uncommon lesions and account for < 5% of all breast malignancies. A type of metaplastic carcinoma is carcinosarcoma, an even more rare lesion. We present a case of carcinosarcoma in association with Von Recklinghausen's disease in a 60-year-old woman. Von Recklinghausen's disease is an autosomal dominant disorder(More)
UNLABELLED GOAL, SCOPE, BACKGROUND: Shallow lakes display a number of features that set them apart from the more frequently studied deeper systems. The majority of lakes in Northern Greece are small to moderate in size with a relatively low depth and are considered as sites of high value of the wetland habitat. However, the water quality of these lakes has(More)
The frequency and severity of crop protection product (pesticide) contamination of peaches grown conventionally were compared with those of peaches grown by integrated crop management (ICM). The peach samples (n = 150) were collected preharvest (June-August 2001) from both conventional (n = 55) and ICM (n = 95) cultivations from the Pella and Imathia(More)
We employ the singular sources method introduced in [4] to solve an inverse transmission scattering problem for the Helmholtz equation or D, respectively, where the total field u satisfies the transmission conditions on the boundary of some domain D with some constant β. The main idea of the singular sources scheme is to reconstruct the scattered field of(More)
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