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ErbB-4 is expressed by the periglomerular and the mitral/tufted cells of the adult mouse olfactory bulb (OB) and in the present work we tested whether this expression is regulated by the olfactory nerve input to the OB. Reversible zinc sulphate lesions of the olfactory mucosa were made in adult mice and the deafferented OB analysed by immunohistochemistry,(More)
Previously, we have shown that erbB-3 expression is restricted to the ensheathing cells of the olfactory nerve layer, while erbB-4 is found in the periglomerular and mitral/tufted cells of the olfactory bulb and in cells coming out from the rostral migratory stream of the subependymal layer. In the present work, we have treated adult mice with zinc sulfate(More)
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