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A high yield of beta-glucosidase (EC of 159.1 U/g-solid activity on 4-nitrophenyl beta-d-glucopyranoside (pNPG) was achieved by rice bran-based solid-state fermentation (SSF) of the recently characterized fungus Penicillium citrinum YS40-5. The enzyme was both thermophilic and acidophilic at the optimized temperature and pH of 70 degrees C and(More)
This first-attempt study quantitatively explored interactive characteristics of bioelectricity generation and dye decolorization in air-cathode single-chamber microbial fuel cells (MFCs) using indigenous Proteus hauseri ZMd44. After approx. 15 cycles (30 days) acclimatization in dye-bearing cultures, P. hauseri could express its stable capability of(More)
Dynamic synergistic effects in cellulosic bioconversion have been revealed between Trichoderma reesei cellulases and β-glucosidases (BGLs) from six Taiwanese fungi. A high level of synergy (8.9-fold) was observed with the addition of Chaetomella raphigera BGL to T. reesei cellulases. In addition, the C. raphigera BGL possessed the highest activity(More)
With the hydrolytic resolution of (R,S)-naproxen 2,2,2-trifluoroethyl thioesters in water-saturated isooctane as a model system, improvements of the specific lipase activity and thermal stability were found when a crude Carica papaya lipase (CPL) was partially purified and employed as the biocatalyst. The partially purified Carica papaya lipase (PCPL) was(More)
A new isolated Schizochytrium sp. LU310 from the mangrove forest of Wenzhou, China, was found as a high producing microalga of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). In this study, the significant improvements for DHA fermentation by the batch mode in the baffled flasks (i.e. higher oxygen supply) were achieved. By applied the nitrogen-feeding strategy in 1000 mL(More)
This study unveiled a new strategy to explore new indigenous strains with excellent decolorization capabilities from freshwaters and seawaters. Two new bacterial decolorizers DX2b and SH7b, which have the capability to decolorize textile dyes, were isolated from Cross-Strait Taiwan and China. According to PCR-augmented 16S rRNA gene analyses for strain(More)
As decolorized intermediates could play a role of electron-shuttling mediator to enhance the performance of dye decolorization and bioelectricity generation, this study selected model compounds with auxochromes (e.g., benzene-1,2-diol, 1,2-diaminobenzene) to explore how chemical structure(s) affected color removal and power producing capabilities in(More)
For the first time, the Carica papaya lipase (CPL) stored in crude papain is explored as a potential enantioselective biocatalyst for obtaining chiral acids from their racemic thioesters. Hydrolytic resolution of (R,S)-naproxen 2,2,2-trifluoroethyl thioester in water-saturated organic solvents is employed as a model system for studying the effects of(More)
A thermophilic Geobacillus bacterium secreting high activity of endo-glucanase (EC was isolated from rice straw compost supplemented with pig manure. A full-length gene of 1,104 bp, celA, encoding this glycosyl hydrolase family 5 endo-glucanase of 368 amino acids was isolated. No related gene from Geobacillus has been reported previously. The(More)
Bioelectrochemical systems (BESs) are promising technologies for energy and product recovery coupled with wastewater treatment, and the core microbial community in electrochemically active biofilm in BESs remains controversy. In the present study, 7 anodic communities from 6 bioelectrochemical systems in 4 labs in southeast, north and south-central of China(More)