I Sinclair

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A new approach to formulating pyrotechnic materials is presented whereby constituent ingredients are bound together in a solid-state lattice. This reduces the batch inconsistencies arising from the traditional approach of combining powders by ensuring the key ingredients are 'mixed' in appropriate quantities and are in intimate contact. Further benefits of(More)
The microstructural features of variable polarity plasma arc welded Al-Cu-Mg 2024-T351 with 2319 filler have been studied by TEM, SEM and DSC. Fusion zone, partial melting zone, re-solutionising zone, overageing (for S phase), peak ageing (for S phase) and under ageing zones (for S phase) have been identified. The Ω phase has been observed between(More)
The paper deals with the application of multiple linear regression and neurofuzzy modelling approaches to 7xxx series based aluminium alloys. 36 compositional and ageing time variants and subsequent proof strength and electrical conductivity measurements have been studied. The input datasets have been transformed in two ways: to reveal more explicit(More)
Advances in physically-based and adaptive numeric modelling (ANM) have lead to a significant elevation of the role of modelling in commercial alloy development and process optimisation. Within these two categories of modelling a wide variety of techniques exists, whilst hybrid approaches, taking advantage of the benefits of the both methods, are also being(More)
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