I Sillanpää

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  • A Aksnes, O Amm, J Stadsnes, N Østgaard, G A Germany, R R Vondrak +1 other
  • 2005
Global instantaneous conductance maps can be derived from remote sensing of UV and X-ray emissions by the UVI and PIXIE cameras on board the Polar satellite. Another technique called the 1-D method of characteristics provides mesoscale instantaneous conductance profiles from the MIRACLE ground-based network in Northern Scandinavia, using electric field(More)
Sharp magnetic perturbations found by the Cassini spacecraft at the edge of the Rhea flux tube are consistent with field-aligned flux tube currents. The current system results from the difference of ion and electron gyroradii and the requirement to balance currents on the sharp Rhea surface. Differential-type hybrid codes that solve for ion velocity and(More)
  • O Amm, A Aksnes, J Stadsnes, N Østgaard, R R Vondrak, G A Germany +3 others
  • 2004
5 ABSTRACT The luminous tongues tend to be narrower and having We present ground-based electromagnetic data from the may occasionally develop into auroral torches which are MIRACLE and BEAR networks and satellite optical narrow, finger-like auroral forms that extend several observations from the UVI and PIXIE instruments on the degrees of latitude poleward(More)
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