I Sigsgaard

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The contractibility and trainability of the pelvic floor were investigated during pregnancy and after vaginal delivery in 86 healthy primiparae. One group (TG) (n = 38) was instructed in training the pelvic floor from the 33rd week of pregnancy, whereas the other group (non-TG) (n = 39) was not. Both groups were measured by perineometry five times between(More)
Rats of 230 g were treated with 0.1 mg of dexamethasone twice daily for 2 days (n = 5) and 14 days (n = 9). Controls received isotonic saline. During the first week of dexamethasone treatment the rats lost weight rapidly (up to 9 g/day). The weight loss diminished during the second week of treatment. The fasting blood insulin concentration increased(More)
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