I. Sheinman

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Many natural fruits and vegetables adopt an approximately spheroidal shape and are characterized by their distinct undulating topologies. We demonstrate that various global pattern features can be reproduced by anisotropic stress-driven buckles on spheroidal core/shell systems, which implies that the relevant mechanical forces might provide a template(More)
A three-dimensional constitutive law is proposed for the myocardium. Its formulation is based on a structural approach in which the total strain energy of the tissue is the sum of the strain energies of its constituents: the muscle fibers, the collagen fibers and the fluid matrix which embeds them. The ensuing material law expresses the specific structural(More)
A two-dimensional incompressible plane-stress finite element is formulated for the simulation of the passive-state mechanics of thin myocardial strips. The formulation employs a total Lagrangian and materially nonlinear approach, being based on a recently proposed structural material law, which is derived from the histological composition of the tissue. The(More)
A three dimensional incompressible and geometrically as well as materially nonlinear finite element is formulated for future implementation in models of cardiac mechanics. The stress-strain relations in the finite element are derived from a recently proposed constitutive law which is based on the histological composition of the myocardium. The finite(More)
Optimization of large-scale structures using conventional formulations often involves much computational effort. Repeated solutions of the analysis and sensitivity analysis equations usually require most of this effort. The computational cost may become prohibitive in large-scale structures having complex analysis models. To alleviate this difficulty,(More)
The self-accelerating decomposition temperature (SADT) is an important parameter that characterizes thermal safety at transport of self-reactive substances. A great many articles were published focusing on various methodological aspects of SADT determination. Nevertheless there remain several serious problems that require further analysis and solution. Some(More)
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