I Sh Kiladze

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It has been suggested that alterations in cell membrane proteins may play a role in changes of erythrocyte membrane structure and function in hypertension. In order to characterize the structure of membrane proteins of erythrocytes from spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) the spin-label technique with a maleimide spin-label was used. A significant(More)
The investigation of spontaneous hypertension by means of SL-technique is reported. Two component ESR spectra of hypertensive and normotensive rats are simulated. The conventional W/S ratio was shown not to be a measure of relative concentration of two label binding sites ("strongly" and "weakly" immobilized), but it represents alterations in line shapes.
An analysis of ESR spectra of maleimid spin-labeled erythrocyte membranes of spontaneously hypertensive rats of SHR line and normotensive rats of the control line WKY showed differences in the structure of membrane proteins in the norm and pathology. These differences were compared with the differences between the erythrocyte membranes of SHR and WKY, found(More)
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