I. Schmuecking

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Inhomogeneous repolarization is considered to be associated with increased risk of ventricular arrhythmias, but exact determination of the end of the T wave is difficult, and a single measurement of the QTc interval may be insufficient for risk stratification. A new algorithm was therefore developed to determine the beat-to-beat variability of the T wave in(More)
This study evaluates a robust parametric modeling approach for computer-aided detection (CAD) of vertebrae column metastases in whole-body MRI. Our method involves constructing a model based on geometric primitives from purely anatomical knowledge of organ shapes and rough variability limits. The basic intensity range of primary 'simple' objects in our(More)
Inwiefern eine wiederholte Spätpotential-analyse im 24-Studen-Verlauf die Erkennung funktioneller Veränderungen erlaubt und damit Vorteile gegenüber einer Einzelanalyse nachweisbar sind, ist bislang noch nicht ausreichend untersucht worden. Deshalb wurde mit einer Spätpotentialanalyse im 24-Stunden-Langzeit-EKG nach Validierung der Methode anhand eines(More)
Late potentials are very small signals (1-20 microV) in the surface ECG with high-frequency components, which are found in patients prone to sustained ventricular tachycardia. Evaluation of these signals requires either very sophisticated recording techniques for single-beat analysis or signal averaging. Signal averaging, however, might disregard(More)
In acute coronary syndromes, arteriosclerotic plaques are characterized by inflammation and decreased smooth muscle cell density. The underlying pathogenic processes remain unclear. Among others, increased programmed cell death (apoptosis) is postulated. Coronary atherectomy specimens from 26 patients with unstable angina (group 1) and from 24 patients with(More)
Arteriosklerotische Plaques bei akutem Koronarsyndrom zeigen vermehrt Entzündungszellen und eine geringere Dichte an glatten Muskelzellen. Die zugrundeliegenden pathogenetischen Prozesse sind unklar; postuliert wird vermehrter programmierter Zelltod (Apoptose). Koronare Atherektomieproben von 26 Patienten mit instabiler Angina (Gruppe 1) und von 24(More)
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