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BACKGROUND There are few scientific reports documenting the effects of simulation training on learning. Issues of scientific validity challenge investigators who measure such outcomes. We perceived a failure of residents to change their technical management of oesophageal intubation after simulation training and sought clarification of this observation. (More)
OBJECTIVE Effective play and coping skills may be important determinants of children's adaptive behavior. Play and coping have undergone extensive individual study; however, these two variables have not been explored in relationship to each other. METHOD The play behaviors of 19 randomly selected preschool children were rated by researchers using The Test(More)
Hierarchically classifying documents using very few words. In Proceedings of the ï¿¿ï¿¿th international conference on machine learning ICML'ï¿¿ï¿¿ (pp. ï¿¿ï¿¿ï¿¿– ï¿¿ï¿¿ï¿¿). Nashrille, TN. Lewis, D. D., & Ringuette, M. (ï¿¿ï¿¿ï¿¿ï¿¿). Comparison of two learning algorithms for text categorization. In Proceedings of the ï¿¿rd annual symposium on document(More)
MOTIVATION Because of the high cost of sequencing, the bulk of gene discovery is performed using anonymous cDNA microarrays. Though the clones on such arrays are easier and cheaper to construct and utilize than unigene and oligonucleotide arrays, they are there in proportion to their corresponding gene expression activity in the tissue being examined. The(More)
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