I. S. Westenberg

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We measured responses to pentobarbital of females and males of Sim:(LE) ancestry to test Long-Evans rats for a sex difference in drug response, i.e., higher pentobarbital susceptibility in females. We studied littermate quadruplets made up of an albino male and female and a black-hooded male and female to determine if the sex differences, if any, would be(More)
In experiment 1 cats were exposed to sets of clicks (trials) with 1 min inter-trial-intervals to determine if the effects of repetitive stimulation on potentials evoked in the auditory cortex would be cumulative despite discrete-trial stimulation. Evoked potentials were averaged to give one average evoked potential (AEP) for each trial for each electrode;(More)
The present experiment was designed to investigate some of the labile discharge characteristics of single units in the medial geniculate body (MGB) of the locally anesthetized, paralyzed cat. In particular, the following problems were addressed : To what extent do MGB cells exhibit stationary discharge rates; what are the effects of phasic arousal (produced(More)
Black and albino littermate mice of the same inbred strain were compared to see if precocious development of the visual system, as indicated by the first detected eye-opening within a litter, is due to alleles at the albino locus. In 32 litters of C57BL/6J-c2J mice the frequency of first detected eye-opening in albinos was not significant; there were no sex(More)
Effects of chloral hydrate anesthesia on EEG power spectra and VEP components were examined as a function of both pigmentation and strain differences in rats. Ten albino Westenberg Long Evans rats (WLE A) were compared to ten pigmented Westenberg Long Evans rats (WLE P), and to ten Wistar albino (Wis A) rats. Albino rats required less chloral hydrate to(More)
The incidence of deformed optic nerves (DON) in C57BL/6J-C2J mice is similar to that of a pigmented substrain of Long-Evans rats and much less than that of an albino substrain of Sprague Dawley rats. C57BL/6J-c2J albinos have no more DON than do coisogenic black mice. This suggests that albinism is not a factor in DON and that observed DON in Sprague Dawley(More)
The goal of the present experiment was to rule out the hypothesis that evoked potential (EP) decrements during repetitive stimulation are due to a change in the subject's state; i.e., that the decrements are part of general, nonselective, non-specific decrement in all EPs as a result of a change in state during the course of the experiment. To this end, we(More)