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The effect of amphetamine and l-dopa was compared in 22-hr food- and water-deprived rats. Amphetamine produced marked anorexia, and l-dopa significantly reduced food intake at 200 mg/kg. Following pretreatment with RO 4-4602, a decarboxylase inhibitor, 100 mg/kg of l-dopa, a dose that did not significantly affect eating, produced marked anorexia. The(More)
Lithium is both antithyroid and goitrogenic. The relationship between lithium and iodine has been assessed in rats fed diets containing different iodine content. Chronic lithium treatment caused increase in thyroid gland weight in animals on low and high iodine diets. A reciprocal relationship surfaced between serum lithium levels and dietary iodine(More)
The requirement for calcium in membrane stabilization and the functioning of neuronal systems is well established [ 1,2], particularly in excitation coupling m~h~isms [3,4] and in the regulation of hormone-receptor interactions[5], but the role of calcium in the mechanism of action of opiates has been investigated only recently. Morphine and calcium(More)
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