I. S. Maksumov

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1. A conformational analysis of N-acetyl-L-leucine methylamide has been performed. The interdependence of the conformational states of the main and side chains of the molecule has been investigated. The most suitable orientation of the side chain corresponds to the values of the anglesx 1=x 2=180° and −60°. The overall minimum is located in the B region. 2.(More)
On the base of the semi-empirical method of conformational analysis low-energetic conformations have been found for the glycopeptides with the O-beta-N-acetyl-D-muramic acid or the O-beta-N-acetyl--D-glucosaminyl-(1-4)-N-acetyl-D-muramic acid in the glycan part and L-Ala--D-GluNH2, L-Ala--L-GluNH2, D-Ala--D-GluNH2 in the peptide part. It was shown that for(More)
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