I S Lin

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Fourier synthesis pulse shaping methods allowing generation of programmable, user defined femtosecond optical waveforms have been widely applied in ultrafast optical science and technology. In the electrical domain, arbitrary waveform generation is well established at frequencies below approximately 1 GHz, but is difficult at higher frequencies due to(More)
To enable a mobile robot to perform intervention or service tasks in a remote environment, the robot should be able to learn the unknown world and execute high level task commands from the operator. In this paper an interactive modeling of man-made environment from a single camera is presented. In this model the geometrical, topological and semantic(More)
A 36-year-old male patient was scheduled to undergo ureteroscopic lithotomy because of left ureteral stone under spinal anesthesia. After receiving a renewed spinal anesthesia with 8 mg tetracaine to compensate for the first attempt (with 10 mg tetracaine), which proved to be a failure, he was soon seized with episodic seizure attacks. Central nervous(More)
Spinal anesthesia (SA) is frequently used in parturients undergoing Cesarean sections (C/S). The body height (BH) is commonly believed to be one of the factors influencing the spread of SA, especially in patients with extremes of the BH. Recent studies, however, show that the spread of SA is not related to the BH but to the vertebral column length (VL).(More)
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