I. S. Chanysheva

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Continuing an investigation of the hydrolyzable tannins of plants of the flora of Kazakhstan, we have begun a study of Potentilla chrysantha Trey. (primrose cinquefoil) [1]. The results of chromatography on paper of a methanolic extract of the epigeal part of the pr imrose cinquefoil have shown that it contains six hydrolyzable tanning substances colored(More)
Continuing a study of the leaves of Geranium collinum Steph. (upland geranium) [1], by the chromatography of an aqueous extract of an ethereal solution on Kapron with elution by water and then with methanol, we isolated a product with mp 178-180" C and isoquercitrin. The acid hydrolysis of the product gave quercetin and arabinose in a molar ratio of 1 : 1.(More)
We have p rev ious ly [1] r epo r t ed the isolat ion f r o m the l eaves of At raphaxis pyr i fo l ia of a flavonoid g lycos ide fo r which the s t ruc tu re of 7 -methy lgossype t in 3 O a L r h a m n o p y r a n o s i d e was proposed. In the p r e s ent communica t ion we c o r r e c t the s t r u c t u r e of this g lycoside [it is denoted as g(More)
It was established by IR spectroscopy that in substance (2) there are two absorption bands in the 10101100 cm TM region (furanose form of a carbohydrate) and a band at 840 cm -1 (~ configuration of a glycosidic bond). On comparing the molecular rotations of the glycoside isolated with those of the corresponding phenylrhamnosides [3], it was seen that the(More)
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