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We derive a time-domain mean-field equation to model the full temporal and spectral dynamics of light in singly resonant cavity-enhanced second-harmonic generation systems. We show that the temporal walk-off between the fundamental and the second-harmonic fields plays a decisive role under realistic conditions, giving rise to rich, previously unidentified(More)
We present theoretical studies of optical frequency comb generation in dispersive quadratically nonlinear resonators. We introduce a mean field equation approach to model cavity enhanced second harmonic generation and find excellent agreement with recent experimental frequency comb observations. We also develop a more general approach based on a single(More)
We present a comprehensive review of recent work on numerical modelling of frequency comb generation in coherently-driven nonlinear resonators. Specifically, we discuss modelling and nonlinear dynamics of frequency combs generated in Kerr nonlinear microresonators, emphasizing links to similar dynamics studied in macroscopic fibre cavities. In addition to(More)
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