I. Reilly

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In this paper, we continue the study of generalized closed sets in a topological space. In particular, we study the question when some classes of generalized closed sets coincide. A new class of spaces, the class of sg-submaximal spaces, is also introduced. Characterizations of extremally disconnected spaces and sg-submaximal spaces are established via(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Several recent studies have reported a high rate of previous hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL). However, it appears that there are marked geographical differences in the prevalence of HCV among NHL patients. There is further controversy concerning a possible pathogenetic link between HCV(More)
Up until now, the exact mechanism by which neuromodulation using sacral nerve stimulation works still remains unknown. Recent studies of pelvic floor contraction during peripheral nerve evaluation (PNE) have shown that several muscle responses are reflexly mediated. However, whether these reflexes originate from a segmental level within the sacral spinal(More)
Topology has its own specialised language. Where did this come from? What are the differences in the language of topology when it is expressed in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Czech or Turkish? Does topology itself change when expressed in different languages? What effect has language had on the development of topology? Does the language of the topologist(More)
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