I R Kniazeva

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Combined effect of 460-MHz microwave irradiation and increased (up to 40 degrees C) temperature on Drosophila embryos of definite age was studied. It was demonstrated that the effect of 5-min exposures to non-modulated microwaves with 6 W/kg SAR accompanied with heating is only a little stronger than at normal temperature (24.5 degrees C). Irradiation with(More)
Effect of electromagnetic radiation 460 MHz with 2.5-40 Hz pulse modulation rate on Drosophila embryos of 15 h 10 m age was studied. It was demonstrated that a 5-min irradiation with 0.12 W/kg average SAR (3 W/kg pulsed SAR) alters the Drosophila percentage of interrupted development. The effect strength depended on the modulation rate with a pronounced(More)
The effect of 13 Hz repetition rate X-ray pulses with 3 x 10(-6)-1.5 x 10(-4) Gr per pulse dose during 5 minute on drosophila's larvae and on pupae vas investigated. It was shown that the effect depends on drosophila's age as well as on X-ray dose and manifests itself in variation of life expectancy and fertility.
The effect of repetitive pulsed X-ray (4 ns pulse duration, 300 kV accelerating voltage; 2.5 kA electron beam current) on the antioxidant enzyme activity in mouse liver mitochondria has been investigated. The mitochondrial suspension was exposed to single 4000 pulse X-ray radiation with repetition rates ranging between 10 and 22 pps (pulsed dose was 0.3-1.8(More)
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