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  • I Plaut
  • 2001
Critical swimming speed (U(crit)) is a standard measurement to assess swimming capabilities of fishes. To conduct this measurement a fish is introduced into a water tunnel in which the current velocity can be controlled by the investigator. At the beginning of the measurement water velocity is low, approximately 1 body length (BL) s(-1), and is then(More)
  • I Plaut
  • 2000
The zebrafish Danio rerio exhibits substantial morphological variability in the sizes and shapes of the body and the caudal fin. The present study describes swimming performance, swimming behaviour and routine locomotor activity patterns in three of the major morphotypes: wild-type, long-finned and no-tail. Wild-type and long-finned differ in total length(More)
This study compares osmoregulatory capabilities of two closely related blennies inhabiting different habitats: Salaria pavo which inhabits marine rocky coasts in the Mediterranean and the eastern coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, and Salaria fluviatilis which inhabits freshwater habitats around the Mediterranean, both in rivers connected to the sea and in lakes(More)
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