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Two important parameters are often neglected in the monitoring of perishable goods during transport: mould contamination of fresh food and the influence of acceleration or vibration on the quality of a product. We assert the claim that it is necessary to focus research on these two topics in the context of intelligent logistics in this opinion paper.(More)
Author for correspondence: S. Janssen e-mail: sjanssen@imsas.uni-bremen.de Two underestimated threats in food transportation: mould and acceleration S. Janssen1,2,3, I. Pankoke4, K. Klus5, K. Schmitt7, U. Stephan5 and J. Wöllenstein6,7 1Institute for Microsensors, Actuators and Systems (IMSAS), University of Bremen, Otto-Hahn-Allee NW1, 28359 Bremen,(More)
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