I . Panagiotopoulos

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Granular CoPt/C and FePt/C films, consisting of nanoparticles of the highly anisotropic fct CoPt (FePt) phase embedded in a carbon matrix, were made by co-sputtering from pure Co5oPt50 (Fe5oPt5o) and C targets using a tandem deposition mode. The as-made films showed a disordered face centered cubic (fcc) structure, which was magnetically soft and had low(More)
We demonstrate in this paper the feasibility to elaborate rare-earth free permanent magnets based on cobalt nanorods assemblies with energy product (BH)max exceeding 150 kJ m(-3). The cobalt rods were prepared by the polyol process and assembled from wet suspensions under a magnetic field. Magnetization loops of dense assemblies with remanence to a(More)
Selective immobilization of proteins in well-defined patterns on substrates has recently attracted considerable attention as an enabling technology for applications ranging from biosensors and BioMEMS to tissue engineering. In this work, a method is reported for low-cost, large scale and high throughput, selective immobilization of proteins on nanopatterned(More)
The FP7 ROCKET project aims at designing Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) technology that enables a larger number of users to be served at a high data rate in both urban and rural deployment scenarios. The technical approach relies on the combination of 1)advanced coordination and cooperation of Base Stations (BS) and Relay Stations (RS) in order to increase(More)
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