I. P. Smirnov

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Chaotic ray dynamics in deep sea propagation models is considered using the approaches developed in the theory of dynamical chaos. It has been demonstrated that the mechanism of emergence of ray chaos due to overlapping of nonlinear ray-medium resonances should play an important role in long range sound propagation. Analytical estimations, supported by(More)
Butyrylcholinesterase (BChE) is a serine hydrolase (EC which can be found in most animal tissues. This enzyme has a broad spectrum of efficacy against organophosphorus compounds, which makes it a prime candidate for the role of stoichiometric bioscavenger. Development of a new-age DNA-encoded bioscavenger is a vival task. Several transgenic(More)
We study how the chaotic ray motion manifests itself at a finite wavelength at long-range sound propagation in the ocean. The problem is investigated using a model of an underwater acoustic waveguide with a periodic range dependence. It is assumed that the sound propagation is governed by the parabolic equation, similar to the Schrodinger equation. When(More)
Sound-wave propagation in a strongly idealized model of the deep-water acoustic waveguide with a periodic range dependence is considered. It is investigated how the phenomenon of ray and wave chaos affects the sound scattering at a strong mesoscale inhomogeneity of the refractive index caused by the synoptic eddy. Methods derived in the theory of dynamical(More)
We study the efficiency of high-frequency acoustic sounding of small-size spatially localized inhomogeneities in shallow sea by a tomographic method. The method is based on that the focusing of the received and radiated fields to the region of the assumed location of the inhomogeneity is matched to the waveguide. During the observation, the statistical(More)
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