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Percutaneous laser denervation of archoappendicular joints in spinal pain was made in 15 patients from a study group. Percutaneous high-frequency denervation of archoappendicular joints was performed in a control group consisting of 15 patients with facet syndrome. A preoperative protocol for each patient included at least two diagnostic segmental blocks. A(More)
The study was performed to develop differentiated indications and determination of effectiveness of percutaneous cold plasma nucleoplasty (PCPN) of intervertebral discs combined with percutaneous radiofrequency facet denervation (PRFD) in vertebrogenic pain syndromes. 139 patients surgically treated between 2007 and 2010 were included in this study. In 46(More)
Metallic construction for transpecular stabilization (transpedicular constructions T-TPC). Titanium nickelide (TiNi) alloys have come into existence in the surgical treatment of diseases of the vertebral column and spinal cord. The properties of these alloys are the storage of a shape, superelasticity, and cyclic longevity. The adequate mechanical behavior(More)
In this paper, we describe the possibility of using a bone-mounted miniature robot based on the experience of different surgeries performed in 77 patients divided into four groups according to the general pathology (degenerative stenosis of the vertebral canal, fractures of vertebral bodies, spondylolisthesis, hemangiomas, and tumors). All the patients(More)
Aim of this study was to assess effectiveness of high-frequency denervation of facet joints in facet pain syndrome in patients who underwent microdiscectomy. The analyzed series included 42 patients treated by microdiscectomy 2 to 56 months before minimally invasive manipulation. The control group was made of 50 patients of similar age with facet pain(More)
Transpedicular metal systems are very widely applied in surgical treatment of spinal pathology. Recently TiNi constructions were introduced into practice. This material is characterized by shape memory, superior elasticity and cyclic durability. Adequacy of mechanical interactions of tissues and TiNi-based alloys allows to suggest that TiNi systems are more(More)
Primary CNS tumors represent 1.4% of all malignant neoplasias and 2.4% of total oncological mortality. The principal goal of tumor resection is maximally possible radical removal with minimal injury of normal brain tissue. This is due to correlation between intraoperative trauma of the brain and postoperative neurological deficit and quality of life.(More)
Lumbar pain is a most common suffering which frequently becomes chronic. In the mechanical low back syndrome caused by an abnormality in the intervertebral joints, lumbar pain may be rather easily differentiated from pain induced by to spinal root compression due to discal hernia or intervertebral foramen stenosis. The absence of benefits from conservative(More)
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