I. P. Papazov

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Immonologic tests are available to determine the early stage of pregnancy and for the diagnosis of trophoblastic tumors (chorionepithelioma, hydatidiform mole, etc.), based on the discovery of HCG in the body fluids (blood and urine) [2]. Until recently antibodies for these test systems were obtained from the blood sera of animals immunized with HCG. In(More)
Antigens of zona pellucida (ZP) of different mammalian species, including the man, were studied by means of various immunochemical methods. The analysis was carried out using rabbit antisera to the pig, mouse, guenon and Java macaque eggs. After immunoadsorption (by blood serum and tissue extracts) these anti-ZP-sera reacted with water-insoluble ZP(More)
Two stable hybridomas producing antibodies (Mab 1 and Mab 2) to bovine prolactin and belonging to the IgG1 subclass have been prepared. The cross-reactivity of Mab 1 and Mab 2 with some structurally similar pituitary protein (human, pig, whale, rat prolactins, bovine and human somatotropins) using indirect immunoenzymatic assay, was studied. It has been(More)
The aim of investigation was creation of hybridomas, which produce monoclonal antibodies to the beta-subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin (beta-hCG), characterization of monoclonal antibodies, which necessary for hCG immunoassay in biological fluids, as an immunological methods of detection of early stage of pregnancy and choriocarcinoma. 4 hybridomas,(More)
Effects of acute and chronic caffeine intake on the level and pattern of morphine self-administration behavior in WAG/G and Fisher-344 rats were studied. Both acute and chronic caffeine intake decreased morphine self-administration only in WAG/G rats, which attested to increased sensitivity of these rats to reinforcing effects of morphine. Possible(More)
The aim of present study was to obtain the hybridomas producing monoclonal antibodies against human growth hormone (Mabs hGH), to investigate the properties of the obtained Mabs and the possibility of their application in immunoanalytical systems. Two hybridomas secreting Mabs against hGH and belonging to the IgGI subclass have been obtained. The(More)
The state of the guinea pig ovaries has been studied electron microscopically in 8-15 and 30 days after an active immunization course with purified and non-purified antigens of the ovum zona pellucida has been completed. Both antigens produce early total morphofunctional rearrangements in the ovaries: increasing process of follicular atresia and disturbance(More)
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