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A nurse scheduling support system is developed in which the demand profile and nurses' preferences are input to an expert-like capability designed to formulate linear and/or goal programming representations of the problem. Solutions of the alternative optimization models of this decision support system are then evaluated. An assignment model for(More)
  • I Ozkarahan
  • Computer methods and programs in biomedicine
  • 1989
Salaries paid to nursing personnel constitute the largest chunk of a hospital's budget. Therefore, this human resource must be utilized efficiently. Hospitals provide continuous service without the exception of holidays and personal preferences. This causes the nurses' discontent in shift scheduling. And the consequence of this discontent is the nurse(More)
  • I Ozkarahan
  • Journal of the Society for Health Systems
  • 1991
Hospitals provide continuous service, including during holidays. This requirement causes discontent among hospital personnel, including nurses, and is often cited as one cause of the nurse shortage. This discontent and the pressure on hospitals to limit costs highlight the importance of nurse scheduling. This paper describes an integrated scheduling model(More)
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