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Sleep and respiration data from two French medical high altitude expeditions (Annapurna 4,800 m and Mt Sajama 6,542 m) are presented. Difficulties in maintaining sleep and a SWS decrease were found with periodic breathing (PB) during both non-REM and REM sleep. Extent of PB varied considerably among subjects and was not correlated to the number of arousals(More)
  • I Onnen
  • 1984
Rat vas deferens preparations became desensitized to the alpha 1-adrenoceptor antagonist thymoxamine: after 6 h in vitro, the t 1/2 value (time to attain half the occupancy of receptors occupied at equilibrium) of the response to this drug was 1.50 fold greater in control strips (strips exposed to thymoxamine at 6 h) than in test strips (strips exposed to(More)
Guinea pig ileums in Tyrode solution develop a progressive desensitization to the effects of atropine (2-min exposure). This desensitization, followed carefully by a simplified method, is significant from the fourth hr. On the other hand, no desensitization develops to the effects of equilibrium exposure to atropine.
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