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The binding curves of histones H1 and H5 to chromatin in nuclei have been determined by a novel method which utilises the differential properties of free and bound histones on cross-linking with formaldehyde. The dissociation is thermodynamically reversible as a function of [NaCl]. The binding curves are independent of temperature over the range 4 degrees -(More)
A method is described for the isolation of pulse-labelled RNA from nuclei and subnuclear fractions of Physarum polycephalum. At all times during interphase the nucleolar RNA consisted mainly of a 34-S rRNA precursor with only small amounts of 26-S and 19-S rRNAs. The nucleoplasmic RNA consisted of predominantly mature 26-S rRNA with small amounts of 19-S(More)
Methods for isolating nuclei, nucleoli and chromatin from Physarum polycephalum which retain high levels of endogenous RNA polymerase activity are described. Under carefully controlled conditions with respect to mono- and divalent cation concentrations RNA synthesis in nuclei displayed linear kinetics for at least 30 min and the RNA products had a similar(More)
The binding of core histone proteins to DNA, measured as a function of [NaCl[ is a reversible process. Dissociation and reassociation occurs in two stages. Between 0.7 and 1.2 M NaCl H2a H2b bind non-cooperatively as an equimolar complex with deltaGo = 1.6 Kcals/mole at 4 degree C and 1.0 M NaCl. Between 1.2 and 2.0 M NaCl H3 and H4 bind cooperatively as an(More)
23 Schmidt, G.W., Chemical properties of some waters in the tropical rain forest region of Central Amaz6nia. Amazoniana 3 (1972) 199207. 24 Sioli, H., Gew/isserchemie und Vorg/inge in den B6den im Amazonasgebiet. Naturwissenschaften 41 (1954) 456457. 25 Sioli, H., Tropical rivers: the Amazon, in: River Ecology. Ed. B.A. Whitton. University of California(More)
The DNA contained by particles of densonucleosis viruses 1 and 2 were analyzed within the particle, and properties of DNA extracted from these particles were determined. The DNA appears to exist as a single-stranded molecule with limited secondary structure within particles, as assessed by spectral changes induced by formaldehyde, melting profiles, and(More)