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Protein gene product 9.5 (PGP), a ubiquitin hydrolase, is abundant in the nervous system. To investigate the ultrastructural localization of PGP and the regulation of its expression, we performed electron microscopic immunocytochemistry and reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) on normal and transected rat sciatic nerves. In normal(More)
Denervation of skin has a profound influence on epidermis; epidermal thinning was a consistent finding in rats. However, it is not clear whether the degree of epidermal thinning was similar in the region receiving the same innervation. In mice, how early epidermal nerves were degenerated after nerve injury remained unknown. To address these issues, we(More)
We evaluated the influence of skin innervation on the epidermis in mice. The rich innervation of skin was demonstrated by immunocytochemistry with protein gene product 9.5, a ubiquitin carboxy hydrolase. Protein gene product-immunoreactive nerve fibers were in the epidermis, subepidermal plexus, dermal nerve trunks, and nerve terminals around sweat glands.(More)
We assayed the effects of velvet antler (VA) of Formosan sambar deer (Cervus unicolor swinhoei) and its extracts on the anti-infective activity against pathogenic Staphylococcus aureus in vitro and in vivo in this study. In vitro data indicated that the VA extracts stimulated the proliferation of resting splenocytes and macrophages in a dose-dependent(More)
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